VJ Fest Istanbul

Last week i was at the Vj Festival in Istanbul. It was a great experience a lot of really nice people there. Unfortunately it was a little bit short to see enough from Istanbul. I arrived on thursday evening, after checking out and bringing my stuff to the place where i lived we joint the party which was going on. there was vj bombaklat playing. i really liked his set. on the next day where some workshops at an small videoart galerie so i joint them. a short introduction into al.chemy from vj robotfunk, resolume and qc, a mapping with vvvv workshop, and a small hardware workshop from me. after that we joint the usual party you have on vj festivals. next day was quit relaxing it just started in the evening with a live performance and a mapping at the french institut. later i was performing at the daily party at dogz star. see some impressions at the pictures and the movie.

next stop is the visual berlin festival see you there.

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  1. RoboRant

    Hi there Benjamin,
    Hope you’re doing well!
    It was me who gave the al.chemy talk !
    If you’re ever in Amsterdam give us a shout.

    xx e