some light painting experiments

inspired by this awesome lightpainting work with the iPad i started my own experiments. after some discussions in our agency we found out the magic behind the technic dentsulondon used. then it was only some frickling in cinema4d to get the attached result. more pictures will come!

  • IMG_3063
  • IMG_3062
  • IMG_3059
  • IMG_3058

mapping @ Club Tresor Berlin

During the Visual Berlin Festival we (vj r:a:u:l:, TimVis and i) had the opportunity to make a mapping at the club Tresor.

touchosc Layout for iPad and Modul8


i edited that great touchOSC Layout from VJ Chinowski (thanks for your great work and sharing your Layout) for the iPad

feel free to download it here:

Der Mannheimer Morgen über mich…..


hier auch als pdf zum runterladen: klick

VJ Fest Istanbul

Last week i was at the Vj Festival in Istanbul. It was a great experience a lot of really nice people there. Unfortunately it was a little bit short to see enough from Istanbul. I arrived on thursday evening, after checking out and bringing my stuff to the place where i lived we joint the party which was going on. there was vj bombaklat playing. i really liked his set. on the next day where some workshops at an small videoart galerie so i joint them. a short introduction into al.chemy from vj robotfunk, resolume and qc, a mapping with vvvv workshop, and a small hardware workshop from me. after that we joint the usual party you have on vj festivals. next day was quit relaxing it just started in the evening with a live performance and a mapping at the french institut. later i was performing at the daily party at dogz star. see some impressions at the pictures and the movie.

next stop is the visual berlin festival see you there.

  • vj_fest_istanbul8
  • vj_fest_istanbul41
  • vj_fest_istanbul46
  • vj_fest_istanbul48
  • vj_fest_istanbul52
  • vj_fest_istanbul58
  • vj_fest_istanbul61
  • vj_fest_istanbul73
  • vj_fest_istanbul77
  • vj_fest_istanbul80

new performances

last week i performed twice, first at the university of popularmusic and second on the “clipaward” festival for low and no budget short movies after show party.

i tried an totally new style and liked it check it:


hell yeah, i know i didnt post here something for a while – thats because i’m totally into organising the B-Seite – so if you want to see what i’m doing at the moment check:

iPhone Performance with ZEE and VJ R:A:U:L:

last summer i had the honour to make the visuals together with VJ R:A:U:L: for ZEE at the Barcamp Popakademie Mannheim. We build up a very special setup with a lot of plexi glas planes, on which the big triplehead content was projected once again in small. the idea was that it does not depend where you stay in the room to see the visuals. this is where VJ R:AU:L: and i realised that we should work more together you could also say the beginning of interzone42

realised as usual with vvvv, modul8, korg chaospad entrancer, edirol v4

Installation Bild Bewegung Ordnung

gerade in meinen alten Bildarchiven gefunden…..

Konezeptarbeit mit Haakon Becker

  • 1-1
  • 2-2
  • 3-3
  • 4-4

installation at museum of modern art düren, germany

a more than 250 square meter projection at the museum of modern art in düren, germany. realised with just one triplehead2go and three projectors.

  • installationatmuseumofmodernart1
  • installationatmuseumofmodernart2
  • installationatmuseumofmodernart3
  • installationatmuseumofmodernart4
  • installationatmuseumofmodernart5
  • installationatmuseumofmodernart6
  • installationatmuseumofmodernart7
  • installationatmuseumofmodernart8